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Help our missionaries and the national churches in Bolivia, India, and Liberia to help assist people to get food and needed medical supplies by donating to the
 COVID-19 Benevolence Fund.

Executive Mission Director
Russ Couwenhoven

My wife Ann and I are extremely thankful for the opportunity to lead our mission in this next season. The team that God has raised up over the years through the faithful service of many is no small thing. Our task is to build on the past by planning for the future. Our mission has been in transition for several years. Superintendent Brian and others have worked hard to overcome the uncertainties of transition and restore the stable foundations of the past upon which we can continue to build. Mission accomplished! ECM is in a healthy place ready to go and grow. Doors of opportunity are opening to us and we are preparing to enter when and where He leads.

2 Corinthians 4-6 have been instrumental in my life. As leading the mission appeared on my radar, they came back to me in full force. Seventy-two “We” statements can be identified in these three short chapters and the first few verses of chapter seven.   We must be about "We" rather than me.

Let us “Be the We” together. Many challenges lie ahead laden with opportunity. To capitalize on these opportunities, we will need to be growing together into these seventy-two statements. We will need to relentlessly allow Him to conform us into the image of His Son and the representative seventy-two.


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