work and Witness

Work and Witness trips are a short-term mission experience of up to two weeks on one of the ECM mission fields.   Team members assist with work and ministry projects or minister in local churches. Time is set aside for meeting people in our partner churches and getting acquainted with the local culture. Work teams are organized and scheduled through our offices and supervised by on-field missionaries.

Vision Trips are trips for those with pastoring, preaching or teaching experience.  These are smaller groups that will visit our mission fields to help train local pastors as well as preach in the churches.  These trips may also be formed to explore a new field area with a global mission partner.

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Short Term Assignment

Short-term on-field assignments of up to two years are available. These are designed for those especially interested in cross-cultural ministry and considering missions as a career. The short-term experience can be designed to meet the requirements of a college internship.

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