Our Mission Locations and History


The Bolivian ministry of Evangelical Church Missions began in 1948 when the former Holiness Methodist Church began evangelistic efforts on the Bolivian highlands. La Paz became the ministry center and congregations in the capitol city were established. Churches spread across the high western Andean plateau known as the Altiplano and eventually to the interior of the country.

The Bolivian Evangelical Holiness Church was recognized by the Bolivian government and incorporated in 1969. The church has established training programs for pastors and church leaders and has an active mission program, reaching to unreached areas within Bolivia and some efforts beyond its borders. Congregations of the church extend throughout Bolivia and are supervised by leaders from the La Paz headquarters.

Evangelical Church Missions works in partnership with the Bolivian church to develop new programs, meet educational needs and assist in the long process of discipling new leaders.


The Evangelical Church began ministry in Liberia through contacts developed from Redeemer Evangelical Church in Minnesota. The Twin Cities area is one of the major areas receiving Liberian immigrants and they are reaching back to their homeland.

Two congregations have been established in Monrovia and church buildings are now under construction. Local pastors are reaching into their communities and others are preparing for ministry and leadership through Bible School training.

Liberia has suffered much hardship due to the ravages of past civil war and social strife. The country is currently in the process of restoring infrastructure that was destroyed and rebuilding the economy.

Southwest U.S.

The ministry of Evangelical Church Missions in the Southwestern United States is organized as the Four Corners Conference of The Evangelical Church. The developing conference and churches are supervised by the mission as they address the unique cross-cultural challenges of the four corners area. With ministry headquarters in Kirtland, New Mexico, churches provide social and physical help in their communities in addition to the services conducted regularly at their worship centers.

Ministries addressing youth and children's needs in a contemporary format are a key focus of the mission. Ministry to college students is also a current emphasis.