Office Team

Rev. Brian Eckhardt 

General Superintendent
Rev. Brian Eckhardt is the General Superintendent of The Evangelical Church. His duties include coordinating ministries across the seven regional conferences of the denomination, providing counsel to pastors and leaders, and speaking at various conferences and retreats. He projects the forward vision of the church as he monitors ongoing and developing programs. He works closely with the denominational missions program as their Executive Director.

Brian lives in Canby, Oregon along with his wife Lynda.  They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Office: 503-342-3588 x 105

Rev. Chris Cooper

Business Manager
Rev. Chris Cooper is the Business Manager of The Evangelical Church. His duties include assisting the General Superintendent in effectively and efficiently taking care of all of the administrative and business functions of the denominational office.

Chris lives in Bethlehem, Georgia along with his wife Lisa. They have three children living at home, two grown children and two grandchildren.

Office: 503-342-3596

Amy Hartzler

Administrative Assistant
Amy Hartzler is the Administrative Assistant for the Evangelical Church and Mission.  Her duties include providing direct support to the General Superintendent and the Business Manager as well as general support and assistance to our missionaries, international ministries, and our mission partners.
Amy lives in Tucson, Arizona along with her husband Mark.  They have one teenage son living at home.
Office: 503-342-3594