Norte de Potosi Missionary
Training Base

Norte de Potosí is a remote region in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia.  The eastern part of the municipality of Sacaca is home to 58 communities, very few of which have a church.  We have been offered the opportunity to take over the operation of a community development project from another nonprofit organization that is leaving that part of Bolivia. Going forward, they feel that many of the people’s material needs have been met with the building of schools and hospitals in this region, but the spiritual harvest is ripe, and there are also many orphans that need attention. The ECAMM students and graduates are equipped for this work of discipling and planting churches.  The experience of serving here as a part of their training program, will also help to prepare them for the mission field.

Ángel, an ECAMM graduate, along with his wife, Francisca, speak the three languages in that region and are ready to serve as directors of this center.   Funds donated to this project will help make disciples and plant churches throughout Norte de Potosí along with helping the many orphans in the area with their material and spiritual needs. There are agricultural projects we will continue, as well as some new projects that are in the works.