Liberia-15 Fund

Fifteen Students -- Fifteen Years

Fifteen people of hope for a brighter future for Liberia!

The 15 Fund engages individuals and groups to help fund classes of 15 Liberian students through 15 years of Christian school (Pre-K through High School).  Prayerfully equipping and launching Biblically sound, culturally responsive disciples of Jesus Christ ready to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission within their spheres of influence.

Why is the 15 Fund Needed?

Students Wait

Liberian students live in a context of uncertainty. COVID is one event in an almost 40-year span of crisis. The Liberian Evangelical Mission is building a foundation for the education of children built on the stability of the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ. 

Families Watch

Like parents around the world, Liberians pray for their children. They cry out to God for their children’s future because life at present seems overwhelming.  They’ve watched food prices rise even as labor opportunities have decreased.  For many, there is no money left to pay school fees. Public education is costly in Liberia. No money, no school. 

Teachers Wish

Many prospective Liberian teachers would like to make a difference in the next generation of learners and leaders.  This new generation could be the one to set Liberia on course with hope and development.  They could be the ones equipped to help deliver a brighter future for Liberia. Through The 15 Fund prospective teachers can become a reality. 

How the 15 Fund Works

Sponsor a Class in Liberia by Making A Donation to
The 15 Fund

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the ministry has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.