LEM Pastoral Training and Care

The Vision

Jesus told us that we are to make disciples for him of all nations, baptizing and teaching them to obey all that he had commanded. Teaching and training is an important part of the discipleship process. However, the adult literacy rate in Liberia is rather low. While hard and fast statistics are difficult to determine, it seems that a little less than half of Liberians aged 15 and older are considered literate.

This poses a challenge for the church, including the Liberia Evangelical Mission (LEM). If upcountry literacy rates are lower than in the city, this means that many of LEM’s members and attenders are not able to read Scripture for themselves and must depend on someone else to read and interpret it for them.  Most would say that is the responsibility of the pastor. But what if the pastor has difficulty reading and does not have a sufficient grasp of Scriptural teaching? The challenge for LEM is helping LEM pastors to learn the skills needed for a proper understanding of Scripture and knowing how to communicate that truth.

Through the efforts and leadership of Gordon Elliott,  LEM pastors are being trained and nurtured, so that they can be effective leaders for the Gospel in their congregations.  

Caring for LEM pastors is not only providing pastoral training, it also includes caring for their physical needs as those needs come up. This fund also helps in those unexpected times when care is needed.

The Vision

Overwhelmed by the Ebola health crisis in 2014, the Liberian health care system remains challenged and ill-equipped to handle even basic health care needs. The health care available to Liberians even today is inadequate and expensive. Your gifts will help to provide treatment for malaria, typhoid, and other health care needs of the LEM pastoral staff and their families.

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