City of Refuge (CDR)

City of Refuge

In 2014, Evangelical Church Missionaries JJ & Randi Guerreros started a ministry called City of Refuge. CDR, for short, is a ministry aimed at reaching the unchurched college students of Cochabamba. Through new strategies and church outreach, they are making Jesus known to those who do not normally go to a traditional church.

CDR also provides local outreach to the community offering ESL classes and a Sleep Shelter for at-risk women who need a safe place to stay.
To learn more about the CDR ministry, email them at

Women's Shelter at CDR

In addition to ministering to the youth in Cochabamba, City of Refuge operates a ministry center that reaches out to needy and vulnerable women.  The shelter was created in order to support women at risk, provide security and a place to sleep.

Your donation to CDR helps these women have a roof, security, food, counseling, and evangelism through the Bible studies offered at the shelter.  The Sleep Shelter is helping to transform the lives of at-risk women in Cochabamba.  

Make A Donation To CDR

Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the ministry has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.